» Wireless Fridge Thermometer & Clock

No more fiddly wires to worry about. This great new product has a range of up to 100m clear line of sight.

The Transmitter unit also has its own display, for people whose fridge doesn’t have a temperature read out. Each unit is coded and once paired will not interfere with other units operating in the same area. You can set up multiple units if you wish. Batteries required are 2xAAA and 2xAA.

Monitor the temperature of your fridge in the caravan or camper trailer on those long drives.

The great thing about this little baby is that not only do you know that your drinks are ice cold but you also know that it is time to have one as it has a built in clock.

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Wireless thermometer with uni-hold

Above: Wireless thermometer & clock mounted on a
dashboard using a Twozone Uni-Hold

Wireless Fridge Thermometer and clock

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