"I tell you, I could not be better pleased..."

I am not in the habit of writing ‘testimonials’, but I want to let you know the Simpson event went really well as far as food storage was concerned. The MT45 Engel with the Twozone on top handled max temp of 39.9 degrees with the Engel set ‘flat out’ and holding minus 10 or better at the bottom, and around plus 8 degree worst in the Twozone during the day when it was in full sun (no cover was initially bought for the Twozone – being remedied at the moment).

More generally, the temps were closer to minus 15 or better in the bottom, and plus 5 in the top, with the Engel running flat out. The bottom was filled with pre-frozen meat and bread (all vacuum packed), and the Twozone held the eggs and bacon, cold meat, salads, cheese and butter and milk. After a week, we tossed out the ham ‘just in case’ but everything else was fine.

The unit was powered mostly from the second battery (80AH deep cycle) because the vehicle engine was off most of the day as we sat ‘in position’ for our role as a support facility. On the way home, we had bacon and eggs which had survived from Adelaide some 10 days earlier! and we brought home three meals, still frozen solid, as well as frozen bread that meant we had no need to fall back on biscuits.

I tell you, I could not be better pleased. I just hope the cover (when it arrives) will address the problem of direct sun on the unit.

Chris Pritchard

“We continually show and tell all our friends and fellow campers about the Twozone...”

Just a quick note to tell you how happy we have been with your product Twozone.

We purchased a Twozone for our 40 litre Engel fridge/freezer. Since purchasing we have used it numerous times on our holidays and camping trips. With the added space it gives we have found that it is no longer necessary to carry extra eskies or ice and the Engel easily handles the extra space without compromising the fridge/freezer ability or my vehicle dual battery system.

Any camper knows the pleasure of a really cold beer at the end of the day while at the same time having the fruit and vegies and dairy products not frozen or deteriorated in any way, but lovely and chilled.

We purchased our Twozone about 18 months ago and we lent it out to a friend of ours to try. As soon as he returned from his holiday he went out and purchased one himself. Your product speaks for itself. We have a 21 litre Engel as well and as soon as we are able we will be purchasing another Twozone to suit.

We would just like you to know how totally satisfied we are with your product and that we continually show and tell all our friends and fellow campers about the Twozone.

George McGiveron

“The fridge/freezer that we used is an Engel™ 40 litre which was totally full of pre-cooked frozen meals.

“We also fitted a Twozone to the Engel™ in which we kept lettuce, carrots, celery etc. At no time did any of the vegetables become frozen or uneatable through any form of freezing. (One lettuce, or part thereof, was in the Twozone for 8 days and still eatable).

“I must admit the right decision was made and this was the second trip with the Twozone
and again it proved itself to be a great asset.

Peter Blamey

“We needed a reliable refrigeration system. We had a 60 litre Engel™ as a freezer but needed more refrigeration space so we decided to invest in a Twozone for our 40 litre Engel™.

“The Twozone worked so well that it froze the cans in the bottom of its basket! Who said the Twozone wouldn’t work!

“The Twozone never missed a beat. Fresh vegies, butter, eggs, milk etc and a really cold beer. What more could you ask for?

“We are now so pleased that we now have a Twozone on the 60 litre Engel™. Freezer on the bottom, fridge on top. We “Can’t Do Without It!”

John & Sybil King

“The TWOZONE is the best thing since sliced bread and now would not travel great distances without it. We recently spent five weeks in the North of our state and successfully kept all salad vegetables (yes that means lettuce also) for up to three weeks whilst the all important drinks kept chilled underneath. This unit truly made our camping holiday the best.

Lyn Smith, Northam, WA

“This is simply a short note to express my complete satisfaction with one of your products which I recently purchased, for our trip to Fraser Island. “I settled on a 40L Engel™ fridge with the TWOZONE fridge extension to give me the capacity I needed, rather than the larger 60L Engel™ fridge/freezer.

“The fridge was full of dairy products such as cheeses, yoghurts, custard, milk etc along with the usual meat products, chicken, eggs etc, all of which remained in perfect condition for the duration of our trip.

“I was quite surprised that the extra storage space created by the TWOZONE didn’t really impact on the life of the battery system before requiring recharging.

“Many of our friends have asked how the TWOZONE performed, and we have happily given them a favourable recommendation. You guys have created a product that backs up the sales pitch, we couldn’t ask for more than that.

Chris Nash, Buttaba, NSW

“I would also like to congratulate your company on this wonderful addition to our fridge/freezer. Having only a small caravan fridge, we found the twozone was a magnificent addition to our fridge/freezer capacity in our caravan.

“When we arrived home from our holiday our home fridge broke down. The Engel™ became our only source of refrigeration, with the Twozone it gave us the ability to have “emergency” fridge/freezer combination.

“We have found the Twozone offers us great flexibility when using our Engel™, rather than having a larger capacity unit which could be too big and cumbersome on some occasions. “I can only highly recommend the Twozone to anyone who, already has, or contemplating purchasing a Engel™ unit.

Bob Egan